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  1. acebeam

    Acebeam E70 Brass version Released

    The E70 BRASS is a tail switch EDC flashlight powered by a single 21700 battery with an amazing max output of 4,600 lumens.With unique double-inner barrel hollow design, an attractive appearance, unique style, excellent ventilation, and solid grip. It is equipped with a high-performance LED...
  2. acebeam

    Free to update battery to flashlight

    Do you have Acebeam 21700 USB battery in your hand? If so, it is time to upgrade it to EDC bulb now! Install the little bulb to your 21700 USB battery, it becomes portable multi-function light for camping, emergency power outage, signaling, ambiance lighting, and decoration! Measuring just less...
  3. Wuben Flashlight

    Wuben E6

    Good news!!! Wuben New product on sale now!!! WUBEN E6 "Small Steel Cannon" Pre-sale starts Today until April 23rd. A limited number, Pre-order ASAP Learn More - WUBEN E6, commonly known as a "Small Steel Cannon", is a high lumen EDC flashlight. Utilized one piece of...
  4. Wuben Flashlight

    Der Vorverkauf von WUBEN H3 hat begonnen!

    Endlich kommt es: WUBEN H3 Scheinwerfer Der Vorverkauf beginnt jetzt bis zum 18. Februar :thumbup: 180 Grad Flutlicht :thumbup:360 Grad einstellbare Lichtquelle :thumbup:Leicht (44 Gramm) und langlebig :thumbup:7 Modi: 4 Hauptlichter + 3 Zusatzlichter :thumbup:2 Farben: Schwarz-Blau &...
  5. Wuben Flashlight

    WUBEN Gecko E61 EDC Multi-functional Penlight

    The coolest EDC pen but MORE than just a pen.:thumbup: ✅2 colors optional: blue/black ✅3 levels of lighting mode: standard mode / red and blue warning light / breathing light ✅4 functional pen heads, arbitrarily switch to other pen heads ✅130 Lumens Micro-USB charging ✅270 degrees rotatable fun...
  6. imalent


    IMALENT Will release R30C on 15th Jan, we will have discounts event for IMALENT recently NEW flashlight! Like and share the post to help your friends save money and comment with us. We will announce the lucky ones who get a free R30C on 15th! learn more...
  7. imalent

    Merry Christmas!!

    Merry Christmas!! IMALENT wish you all receive gifts!
  8. imalent

    IMALENT RT90 Introduce video

    The amount of light that the IMALENT RT90 flashlight emits is truly remarkable, a wide beam angle and strobe function are quite ideal for Search and Rescue with only a single American LUMINUS SBT-90. 2nd LED.Extremely small for a flashlight with this much power, this flashlight is the perfect...
  9. imalent


    IMALENT's new product UT90. Before the flashlight get ready to release, we would like to start a game. Answer the following questions, you will have chance to get one free flashlight of the new models. see more:
  10. amaretto

    Imalent MS18 (100.000 Lumen) - Review und Passaround

    Thorsten Gatzemeier ( hat dem Forum die Imalent MS18 im Wert von 600€ gespendet. Hierfür ein ganz dickes Dankeschön! Sie kann von TLF-Mitgliedern im Rahmen eines Passarounds ausprobiert werden und wird im Laufe des Jahres anlässlich des 10-jährigen Bestehens des Forums als...
  11. Unix5566

    Laberthread Imalent MS18 100.000lm

    Es wird spannend auf der IWA Rechnerisch ca. 5555lm pro Emitter 18 Cree XHP70.2 8pcs 20700(21700) cells in batterypack with integrated charging active cooling 100,000 Lumen 1200m...
  12. Riesbachtaler Urgestein

    Imalent LD70 Die LED ist eine XHP 70, die Lampe leistet 3500 Lumen Gatzetec hat vielleicht schon mehr Infos
  13. imalent

    Review of DX 80 the end of darkness video

    IMALENT DX80 is a rechargeable LED flashlight. It is a 32000 lumens flashlight, 8 CREE XHP70.2 LED super bright flashlights, rechargeable searchlights, professional waterproof searchlights, which can maximize brightness and normal operation in various environments. Easy to use, search and rescue...
  14. imalent


    IMALENT MS06 is palm-sized tiny monster EDC flashlight with outstanding performance. it emits a max output of 25,000 lumens . which little lumen master light is a must-have for your daily life, outdoor activities and repair work. see more
  15. angerdan

    Kickstarter - ZEROHOUR RELIC XR2: Tactical USB Type-C Powerbank Flashlight

    Vielleicht ist das ja für den ein oder anderen Interessant: Laden- und entladen über USB Typ-C. 2000 Lumen, stufenlose Helligkeitsregelung. 115€.
  16. Wuben Flashlight

    WUBEN New Product E10:1200lm EDC Flashlight

    E10是EDC手电筒。 E10使用1个OSRAM P9 LED,由1个18650锂离子电池供电(与2个CR123A电池兼容),最大输出1200 流明。 尾部开关设计,适合单手操作,为用户提供更好的使用体验。 WUBEN网站
  17. sacrileizei

    [Review] Links

    Here is my review for the prototype of the Orcatorch T35, it is not yet commercially available! Be the first to have a peak! P.S. I will upload my video review on this light soon! Danke!
  18. ThruNite

    ThruNite Catapult V6 is releasing today!

    Hello everyone, Thank you for waiting us so long! Today the most Compact 26650 Thrower flashlight ThruNite Catapult V6 is releasing! Please visit below link for more details of it. Pre-order now to get 20% off...
  19. O

    Playlist Youtuber

    Liebe alle // bin neu hier und freue mich über die Möglichkeit mich umsehen zu dürfen, ich würde mir gerne eine Playlist mit Youtube Kanälen zusammenstellen, bei denen es hauptsächlich um Taschenlampen und deren Reviews geht. /// Englisch schprachige habe ich schon gefunden, aber keine...
  20. angryfoxlight

    Angryfox TP10 flashlight-multi fuctional

    Utilize CREE XML2 U4, XPE2 LEDs with lifespan up to 50,000 hours burn time Powered by one 18650 battery and two CR123A / 16340 batteries Maximum 1000 lumens with beam distance up to 350 meters and 58 hours runtime Digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness, reverse polarity...
  21. ThruNite

    ThruNite Neutron 2C 1100 lumen infinite output adjustment LED flashlight is coming soon!

    Hello everyone, Long time no see! A good news sharing with you. We will have a new product Neutron 2C releasing very soon. Key features as below for your reference. Hope you enjoy ;-) 1.The infinite output adjustment system allows any brightness from 12 to 650 lumens. 2.Specially built-in...
  22. Carringdon

    SingFire nach exakt 3 Wochen angekommen

    Exakt 3 Wochen nach Bestellung ist mein Schina-Kracher angekommen. Eine "Singfire SF - 348 180 Lumen mit Cree XPE R3". Dieses Flashlight ist in Mini-Stainless ausgeführt, robust und ausserordentlich praktisch durch den Clip. Angetrieben wird das Ding durch einen AAA-Akku. Bei dieser Gelegenheit...
  23. ThruNite

    Christmas Deal - 20% OFF!

    Deal All, ThruNite Big Deal for Christmas season! 20% OFF from 24th November to 23rd December. All the products at ThruNite official online store on sale. Coupon: Xmas Thank you for supporting ThruNite over the years. We wish you a merry Christmas and happy New Year in advance! All...
  24. N

    Fenix PD31 - DEAD - HowTo

    Defekt: Lampe geht nicht an. "Mögliche" Ursache: Obere Platine ist nur über die Pfostenleiste (bild rechts[ganz rechts])mit der unteren Verbunden. Die Spule (bild links) war zusätzlich wohl noch auf der Unteren Platine verklebt, was nicht eweig hält. Wenn das Teil nun "blöde" runterfällt...
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