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6 Juni 2017
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Product Specification:
1.Utilize CREE XML2 U4 LED with lifespan up to 50,000 hours burn time
2.Powered by one 18650 battery and two CR123A / 16340 batteries
3.Avant-garde design of main light and secondary lights for Widely use (Patented)
4.Mechanical rotating bezel design for multi-colored LEDs changing (Patented)
5.Digitally regulated output Maintains constant brightness, reverse polarity protection from improper battery installation
6.Maximum 600lumens with beam distance up to 100 meters and 38 hours runtime
7.Secondary multi-colored LEDs are widely used with maximum runtime over 45 hours
8.Additional warning and strobe light function to meet your outdoor safetly requirement
9.Lite noise-proof switch for power on / off and light level output control
10.Made of durable high-grade aluminum with premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
11.Lightest-weight (108g battery excluded) and compact appearance design (size 76x43x32mm) to make it very easy to carry

Product parameters:

Products detailes:

1. Main lights + 3 x secondary lights design (Patented), main light is for throwing long distance beam.
Secondary lights are used for short distances with widely used

2.Compact and smart housing design can be set up to 100 degrees with one hand operation

3.Main light: 600lumens maximum, 100 meters beam distance, over 38 hours runtime

4. Rotating bezel design for multi-colored LEDs changing (Patented)
Secondary lights: 80 lumens maximum, over 45 hours runtime

5.Secondary multi-colored LEDs design meets outdoor use Widely
White light: close distance lighting, general outdoor use and reading
Red light: safty warning, hunting and blood track
Green / Blue light: signal light, atmosphere light, photo light and back up hunting


6.No noise click button switch design
Power on / off; control multi-brightness and different operational functions output
Warning mode with double click; Strobe mode with long press

7.Micro-USB waterproof charging plug, the indicator is red when it is charging and when the battery is full.
Please note it can't be charging directly with two 16340 batteries in it.


8.Optional accessories: Angryfox battery, charging cable


Angryfox HR06 is the most advanced and unique headlamp in the market.
The features are operated by the mechanical structure.
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