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Thrunite TN40S vs Acebeam K60 ... head to head comparison


8 April 2016
Olight Taschenlampen
The Acebeam K60 has been our favorite all time (all around) light for use around our horse farm and property. Before the K60, our favorite was the Fenix TK75. We've also tried the Acebeam K30, X45, X80, K65, Fenix TK35UE and Nitecore TM16GT.

On Monday morning the TN40S NW arrived, giving us three days to compare it to our beloved K60's. Here is how the two lights compared (in our opinion). The winner is shown after each category.

Battery life (turbo) = TN40s
Battery life (generall) = TN40s
Best low battery indicator = TN40s

Battery carrier overall quality = DRAW
Battery carrier attention to detail = K60
Battery carrier springs = TN40s
Ease of changing batteries = TN40s

Inside machining detail = TN40s
Quality of threads = K60
Smoothness of threads = K60
Factory lubrication of threads = K60

Overall esthetics = TN40s
Overall attention to detail = TN40s
Overall feel of bulid quality = TN40s
Overall feel of toughness = TN40s
Anodizing = DRAW
Matched anodizing on parts = DRAW
Knurling quality = TN40s
Knurling grippiness = TN40s
Bezel ring toughness = TN40s
Bezel ring quality = TN40s
Bezel o-ring quality = TN40s
Toughness of cooling fins = TN40s

Quality of lettering = TN40s
Aestetics of logos/lettering = TN40s
Brightness of lettering = TN40s

Tail standing stability = TN40s
Functionality of lanyard holes = K60
Strength of lanyard holes = TN40s
Strength of tail piece = TN40s
Shoulder strap attachment = TN40s

Cleanliness of LED’s = TN40s
Centering of LED’s = TN40s
Cleanliness of reflector = DRAW
QC of reflector = K60
QC of centering ring(s) = TN40s
Cleanliness of inside glass = K60
Bezel’s ability to protect glass = TN40s

Balance in hand = TN40s
One handed operation = TN40s
Operation with frozen bare hands = TN40s
Operation with bare slick hands = TN40s
Operation with thick gloves = K60

Simplicity of UI = K60
Overall UI = K60

Beam quality white wall = K60
Beam quality outside = K60
Close distance spill = TN40s
Intermediate distance spill = K60
Long distance spill = TN40s
Close illumination = K60
Intermediate illumination = K60
Long distance illumination = TN40s
Option of NW or CW = TN40s
Color temperature = TN40s
Tint = TN40s
Wow factor 150 meters & closer = K60
Wow factor 150 meters & out = TN40s
Overall wow factor of beam = K60

Quality of box and packaging = K60
Includes holster = K60
Quality of included lanyard = TN40s


Thrunite TN40s
39 wins (and 4 draws)

Acebeam K60
19 wins (and 4 draws)

Based on the final score, you were probably able to guess that we have a new favorite!