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  1. Hello friends on TLF,

    Long time no see. How are you doing?
    Just wanted to let you know our new Germany Amazon Shop opened not long time ago, which means you can shop ThruNite lights on your local Amazon again, and enjoy local shipping ;-)
    ThruNite Germany Amazon Shop link here:
    We will have some good sales and beautiful events coming there recently. Stay tuned ;-)

    Have a nice day,
    ThruNite Team
    #1 ThruNite, 14. Februar 2019
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  2. Folomov
    That's great news, thanks for the heads-up!

    Will you be sharing promos here?
  3. "DAVID C TRADING" has a german UStID :thumbup:

    Well done !

    #3 Onkel Otto, 14. Februar 2019
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  4. Acebeam
    I would like to order one (or two) Thrunite C2 . Is there any possibility to get this in the shop ?

    yours Christian
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  5. I would take one as well. It''s great to have Thrunite back on :thumbup:
    Regards Frank
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  6. Als "Freund" von Thrunite - Lampen, immer zu begrüßen.

    Allerdings sollte bei den Preisen für uns TLFler noch was gehen.
    Wüsste nämlich nicht, warum ich z. B., für eine TC20 hier 99,95€ anlegen sollte, wenn man das Teil, ebenfalls beim großen Fluss, von Thrunite EU, für 87,20€ bekommt.

    Ein Rabatt-Code fürs TLF, von 15%, wäre da doch mal ne Idee.


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  7. Skilhunt Taschenlampen
    Sure, letting you know the right store is the first step. Cool promotions will coming soon ;-)

    Thank you. We will do better.

    Sorry, pity no stock for C2 in Germany at this time ;-(

    No stock for C2 nowadays. Why not have a try other models on our store;)

    Thank you for sharing your idea. We will provide a fair price for European customers. Everyone who purchased directly from our Germany Amazon store will get the best prices.
    #7 ThruNite, 15. Februar 2019
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  8. It would be nice if ThruNite were to reinstate comparable prices to their main website like German/European customers used to get in the past. For instance, the TC20 or V6 is/was listed for $ 74,99. During ThruNite's promotion period I was offered 20% discount, i.e. both lights were offered for $ 59,99 (approx. € 52,00 by that time), sent from a German distributor/warehouse later on.

    I would also appreciate it if ThruNite had more items of the entire assortment available for sale on Amazon, e.g. the TC15. Anyway. welcome back on the German market, good luck for your upcoming sales activities and thanks for providing us information on (hopefully) interesting promotions.
  9. hello ThruNite Team
    how about the new tn50 for the costumers here in germany

    are they available in the near future ?

  10. +1

    I also ordered a lot of flashlightes at Thrunite shop in the past and Thrunite submitted them via Amazon to Austria. All things went fine, but now since 2018 it is no more possible to order any flashlightes at from Austria and Germany.
    The prices at amazon shop are much higher and we are not able to use the special offers with better prices at

    Does Thrunite think customers in Austria and Germany loves it to pay more money for their flashlightes as the rest of the world?

    They even do not answer to my mail sent to Thrunite sales.

    Please reinstall shop also for customers in Austria and Germany.
    #10 haro, 16. Februar 2019
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  11. Please check our store now, we adjusted the price, which now is same level as other US Amazon ;-)
    We are also restocking all models in Germany. Pls wait patiently.
    #11 ThruNite, 21. Februar 2019
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  12. Thank you for your suggestions. Now the prices have been adjusted. Please check out the store:
  13. Sure, the TN50 will be available in Germany soon.
    We will have pre-order notice on TLF later. Stay tuned.
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  14. First of all:
    Thanks for getting in straight forward contact with us by using this platform!

    For those who avoid buying on amazon for good reasons it would be much better to work with german flashlight shops. A lot of customers would appreciate this much more professional solution.
    Just to think about .. ;)
    Gray Matter hat sich hierfür bedankt.
  15. Olight Shop
    That sounds very good :cool: Thanks for your answer :thumbup:
  16. Ok, you have the same prices in EUR at as in USD at

    What is about the rate between EUR and USD?
    1 EUR = 1,135 USD, EUR is about 13% more value.

    Ok, VAT has to be paid, therefore it may be.

    But what about the coupon codes?
    Will we get at also 20% off code? Or as spezial for TLF users?
    That would be highly appreciated!

    One example Catapult V6:

    At shop with 20% coupon you will charge only 59,99 USD in EUR it is about 53,10 EUR.
    And we are able to order in cool white or neutral white.

    At I have to pay 74,99 EUR, that are about 40% more,
    and it is only available in cool whhite, NO neutral white.

    To honest, is not competive with

    Please improve Thrunite offers at
    1. Make also 20% coupon, or other, available, at least for TLF users.
    2. Offer Thrunite flashlight also with neutral white version, if available.
    If you do like proposed above, I'm sure much more TLF users will buy Thrunite flashlightes at, also a lot from Austria.
    Or you may reinstall your shop again for Germany and Austria (Europe).
    #16 haro, 22. Februar 2019
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  17. Dear forum members, don't forget the 19% tax when shipping from a german source ;-)
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  18. Ok, VAT has to been paid in Germany and EU countries, that is correct.
    But it has to be considered, that also in other countries outside EU VAT has to be paid.

    Here you may find most VAT rates worldwide.

    Some examples:
    In EU countries between 17 and 27%.
    China 16%
    Japan 8%
    Canada 5% + 0 to 10%
    USA states have different VAT rates up to 10%
    Some countries have no VAT, see list in link above.​

    Back to Thrunite shop:

    If we compare with shop there are the e.g. 20% coupons and NW lamps are also available at

    Would be nice to have both too at shop.
    #18 haro, 22. Februar 2019
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  19. Welcome back @ThruNite!

    Are you thinking about adding the Wowtac A4 to your new shop? Just asking for a friend. ;)

    Kind regards

  20. Hey @ThruNite
    Any news upon planned promotions and discounts? So far and in my opinion there has not been anything interesting yet that would draw my attention. Do you see any chance to make TC15 in neutralwhite available for German customers?

    It's been out of stock all the time:

    However, you do offer it for a very reasonable price to US/CA/JP customers:
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