ReyLight Custom: Lumintop Tool AAA copper with Nichia 219

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  1. Sorry, I am posting it in English, hope you understand.

    Lumintop Tool AAA copper
    With Nichia 219B 4500K 91CRI
    1-20-100% highest 85 lumens. no-pwm driver

    Group buy will end on 30th--November. Shipping should be in the 1st week of December.

    Orders will be shipped by a faster HK/SG post, with tracking number.
    Please PM me to get a price info. or email me:
    lx1cw, Headhunter, Maiger und 4 andere Flashys haben sich hierfür bedankt.
  2. Folomov
    Hey Rey

    That´s great news,
    I was following the discussion about this shiny bright light in BLF

    Order Now: ReyLight Custom,Lumintop Tool AAA Copper. |

    Shipping in the first week of Dezember means, this might be a perfect present for Christmas :)

    PM is sent

    Thanks a lot for your efforts

    Greetings Jürgen
  3. Moin's,

    hatte mich im BLF an die Aktion schon mit ran gehängt, aber doppelt hält besser. :D
  4. Acebeam
    PM sent, pls check. Thanks.
  5. Order placed

    Order placed :D Thanks for the reminder for this lovely small copper torch :thumbsup:
    Regards Frank
  6. Moin's,

    bezahle ich hier über Freunde und Familie, oder ganz normal? :confused:

    Gruß, Gerd
  7. Skilhunt Taschenlampen
    Ich hab ganz normal per Paypal bezahlt, hatte gar nicht an die Option "Freunde" gedacht.
    Rey hat sich nicht beschwert, also denke ich, dass es so OK ist.
    Gruss Frank
  8. Im BLF gibt es ein PREview einer Lumintop Tool - Kupfer

    PREview: Lumintop Tool AAA copper + nichia 219B |

    Wie es scheint hat sich Lumintop von Reys Bemühungen inspirieren lassen und bringt die Tool copper auch mit Nichia 219B LED heraus;
    Diese Version unterscheidet sich durch die Custom Version von Rey durch eine andere Schaltreihenfolge: Med - low - high versus low - med - high bei Reys Version

    Grüße Jürgen
    FrankFlash hat sich hierfür bedankt.
  9. Order placed :thumbup: thanks Rey..

    Ich jetzt auch :D

    Gruß, Gerd
    WWEFANS hat sich hierfür bedankt.
  10. Thank you.
  11. i would like to get one. What to do?
  12. Pls pm me, or email me at:
  13. Order placed :cool:

    last day of the group buy -

    Thank you Rey :thumbup:

  14. 2015-12-1

    Some news good, some bad: 1. Group buy goes on, 2. Driver availabe, 3. Shippment delayed.

    The time line is a little too tight, the production is not going very well. Orders can't be shipped in the 1st or 2nd week as we planned.
    In this case, I asked them to make a new batch of bodies, with custom logo, and some extra drivers available.
    Estimated shippment will be in the 3rd or 4th week of December.

    Driver is 6$/pc, limited to 50pcs only, it's now only available for the people who are already in the group buy. You can find my paypal in the earlier PM.
  15. Olight Shop
    Hi Rey,

    I paid for 2 pcs. driver, thx

    Regards, Gerd
    prisma hat sich hierfür bedankt.
  16. Received a shipping notification this morning :thumbup:

    It seems the light is on it´s way :thumbsup:


    Wie es aussieht ist die Lampe unterwegs :)

    Grüße Jürgen
  17. All the emails has been sent, if you don't get it, pls ask me to send again, my email is: Pls whitelist it.

    BTY, it's still available to order, I have about 30pcs extra.

    Driver is open for sale to anyone. 6$/pc. pay 1.5$ extra or buy 2 pcs more to get a tracking number.
  18. Great!

    Thank you and Merry New Year :thumbsup:

    Best Regards,

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