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Review Wuben H3 Kopflampe für 2x AAA


27 Oktober 2020
Trustfire Taschenlampen Hypnose Hannover
Please tell me, the headband like above is always with you, right? Find nothing on the Wuben page in a hurry.

The plate on the back of the lamp looks quite large, can someone tell me that children around 9 years of age are comfortable or pushy?

I can't figure it out right now:[unavailable_products]=last&options[prefix Autovermietung relationships)

Was there actually any more discount for us? I'm considering ordering four or more because of the colors ...;)

For me only the sets make sense, does anyone know if the tapes are included:

Ok, it's at the bottom of the package list, it seems to be there!

With "Frequently Bought Together" comes "Headlamp Belt € 0.00 EUR" (I guess for a different headlamp), if you click on it you land on the start page.

Yes the headband is included in the package and can be remove to use the H3 as a flashlight to clip in your pocket.

Amazon de has stock now and a coupon. Try to search "WUBEN H3", than you will found it.
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13 Mai 2016
Ich bin auf der Suche nach 2x der H3 in orange, brauche sie aber geliefert bis zum 21.5. Hat jemand ne Idee wo ich eine her bekomme?

Mit fällt nur direkt bei Wuben ein, ich bin aber nicht bereit 30€ für Express Shipping zu zahlen... Amazon hat nur die blaue auf Lager.
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