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M17R not working, trying to fix it.

30 Januar 2020
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Hi guys,
sorry I don't know German language, hope english is not a problem :) (you can still reply in german, I can use google translator).

A friend give me faulty Led Lenser M17R flashlight and I am now trying to repair it,
I didn't expect that the electronic will be so complicated (have so many contacts with the battery).

When I test the battery with button on the "tailcap" (charging port) it shows all indicators blue and then turn off after 1-2 seconds.
XML2 led I also checked and it is OK but I do not get a light !

I tested the battery and between this two contacts that I marked with + and - I measured 6,6V, every other measurement on other contacts shows value in mV or 0V!? I did managed to measure voltage of one cell using contacts under the blue wrap (3,3V) but not the other cell, I asume it is OK because first measurements (6,6V).

Second photo shows battery contacts that go towards the switch/LED, I am not sure if I should have 6,6V on this side? I can only measure 3,02V between contact marked with - and center contact and the same voltage between - and second to center contact? If someone with good battery can measure this I would appreciate it.

Next 3 photos show pcb board with the switch (I unsoldered the switch because it was looking suspicious to me),
The side with 8 pogo-pins goas to the battery and the side with 5 pogo-pins goas to the driver side.
Everithing looks fine here, all components "sound" finde, nothing is burned.

Two photos of the driver, also everithing looks fine, no signs of burning.
I forgot to take a photo of the bottom side but there are no components there, only 3 contact pads.

I unsoldered the switch because it was looking suspicious, it has 4 legs, 2 were looking normal and other 2 were shorter as if cut off slightly.
If you have this switch I would appreciate If you could let me know what continuity pattern do you get in each of 2 positions, I measured this:

Position 1: pin 1 and pin 4 are in continuity (shorted), no short between any other pins combination.
Position 2: pin 1 and pin 3 are in continuity (shorted), no short between any other pins combination.

It looks like pin 2 is not used, strange! or the switch is faulty?

Sorry if photos are too large and thanks for any hellp you can provide.


16 Dezember 2017
If I were you I would try it with an electronic laboratory powersupply .....

According to what I could find "on the fly".... BATTERY 6.4V YTRION** 2X 32700 FOR TORCH M17R, P17R LED LENSER

Based on this I would try to make the light work with the powersupply based on this 6,4 Volts .....(1)

If it works with this voltage you "at least" will know that the light itself works and then focus on the battery itself ....

....and possibly recreate a battery that supplies the same voltage within the room you have to work with within the light or battery holder istelf.....

..... possibly made out of 2 x Lion in series , and if needed**, with a small resistor based on the current measurement you got with the powersupply on the initial test (1).

**Ytrion => Technology: Li-Ion LiFePO4 .... different chemistry and voltage than regular Li-Ion......

Or in "other words just be creative" ..... but make sure you have pin-pointed the real problem before you start to tackle the "main" problem !


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