Hallo, i am flashlight fan

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  1. Iam very happy to make more friends who like flashlights
  2. Hello and welcome to the TLF.
    Some of us also speak good English.
    Have a lot of fun
  3. Hello Chan0130,
    welcome aboard of TLF,
    Thanks for joining us,
  4. Welcome to the:forum:
    Greats drifter:thumbup:
  5. Welcome to the TLF , "birthplace of the CSI of light" (CSI a.k.a. "Colour Sensitive Investigation") :thumbsup:

    Welcome aboard and enjoy,

    Martin :thumbup:
    #6 helicoil, 11. August 2018
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  6. Skilhunt Taschenlampen
    Thank you very much:thumbsup:
  7. I like every one in TLF Flashlight-Forum,Nice to meet everyone.Speaking German or English here?Or both?
  8. Welcome here and enjoy. :tala:

    Normally the TLF-language ist german, but some members are able to speak english, more or less... :pfeifen:
  9. Thank you very much!:)
  10. Hi freind.Thank you for your attention to TANK007.Now TANK007 only have abundant of flashlights series.But TANK007 will release headlamps products in the future.
    White light series are widely used in many fields, such as military, police, law enforcement, tactical, hunting, diving, fishing, camping, cycling, hiking, exploration, mountaineering, etc;
    UV lights series are widely used in CSI, Forensics, NDT, Leak Detection, Anti-counterfeit detection and security, UV Curing, Treasures and mineral searching, Geocaching, amber and beewax finding, Fluorescent materials detection, etc.
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