Big Flashlight Comparison Test

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  1. Write your flashlights and features. We can not guess)

    If you have a custom flashlight with overdrive, then this error is possible.
  2. Folomov
    AW: Big Flashlight Comparison Test

    that was just a joke ;)

    most of my flashlights are modded and overdriven
  3. Tests headlamps. November 2014.

    From 15 to 16 November, another test flashlights, this time themed: Tests headlamps.


    110 has been tested headlamps following brands:

    Fenix, ZebraLight, Spark, Bronte, FOCUSray, Sunree, Crelant, Rayfall, Skilhunt, LedLenser, NiteCore, Peli, Petzl, VASKA, Surefire, Streamlight, Wolf-Eyes, Armytek, MagicShine, Olight, XTAR, Yarkiy Luch, Kosmos and some other brands.

    In tests participated custom headlamps from motogans, from Dsche, of Tamagotchi, and the headlamp from small-scale Russian producer VASKA

    Scene Info


    View new scene here (Parking 7 Headlamp)

    Announcement of the event here
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    spezi, melbecker, paradoxa und ein weiterer Flashy haben sich hierfür bedankt.
  4. Acebeam
    Wow, big show, Thanks a lot! :thumbsup:

    I like headlamps. :kopflampe:

  5. :kopflampe: :thumbsup:
  6. Thematic tests Flashlights: Flashlight Keychain.
    May 2015.

    The tests took place in Moscow on the territory of the country site in the building during the construction phase.

    It has been tested 57 Flashlight of the brands:

    Fenix, NITECORE, Lumintop, Olight, EagleTac, ThruNite, Streamlight, Inova, Tank007, SpotLight, Bronte, and a number of other...

    Protocol tests

    Scene: Cottage


    Announce here
    Dr.Devil hat sich hierfür bedankt.
  7. Skilhunt Taschenlampen
    Where can i see these beamshots?
  8. Hi there

    that´s an amazing comparison test, I don´t know any comparison like this, Thank a lot for this :thumbsup:

    In my opinion the small lights are underrated :wenigerlumen: :pinch:

    Wenn du dem Link ´Scene cottage´ folgst hast du rechts die Liste der Lampen, links oben immer die Option low -mid- high, dann einfach jeweils drauf klicken

    Grüße Jürgen
    fonarevka hat sich hierfür bedankt.
  9. Achso, das hab ich mir schon angesehen. Also wurden die Beamshots nur eingepflegt.
  10. Video:
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  11. Thank you very much for this Light comparison!:thumbsup::klatschen:
  12. Thematic tests Flashlights: Headlamps in the cave


    Tests of headlamps passed in one of the caves near Moscow.

    It was tested 14 brands and 84 models of headlamps, including new items:

    AceBeam (models H10 and H20), Fenix, Olight, ArmyTek, Skillhunt, Petzl (including Petzl DUO S and Petzl DUO Z1 Ex), ReLight (several models with different temperatures and optics), JetBeam, NiteCore, MecArmy (model FM11 ), SureFire, AngryFox, ZebraLight, Yarkiy Luch (including Panda v.2 and tested 1 hand flashlight Yarkiy Luch G180, because it was captured by one of the participants of the tests and in this situation we could not remove it) a number of modified headliners from AEDe and the “MGLicht Erstling” by MotoGans.

    The “Cave” scene is available for viewing is external)
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