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Zebralight SC600w MK III XHP35 (HI)

Dieses Thema im Forum "Zebralight" wurde erstellt von Megalodon, 11. Juli 2015.

  1. My H600w Mk III also has the tint-shift problem mentioned by mkr. Actually its beam pattern is just like the SC62w in Sergakim's picture. I suppose this is a common problem of the XHP35 lights from Zebralight, other than the XHP50 / XHP35 HI / XM-L2 Easywhite and the XHP35 lights with a frosted lens (H600Fw MK III). I have compared some of these XHP35 lights in a local store.

    That is, when ordering a SC63w / SC600w Mk III / H600w Mk III / H603w, it's likely that you will get a lot tint variance. If you really care about the tint, I suggest you order a SC600Fd III Plus / SC600w Mk III HI / H600Fw Mk III / H600Fc Mk III / H600Fd Mk III / H603c / H603d.
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