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HaikeLite say hi to TLFers

Dieses Thema im Forum "HaikeLite" wurde erstellt von HaikeLite, 7. Dezember 2017.

  1. HaikeLite

    HaikeLite Hersteller

    Hello TLFers

    This is dale from Haikelite manufacture.

    TLF is a famous flashlight forum, even well-known among chinese flashoholics. I had registered in TLF a long time ago, although this is the first time i make a post here.

    @ bluzie , thank you so much to open a mini forum for haikelite. It's our great honor to be a part of TLF.
    @ all TLFers , hope can bring you more flashlights and good service. I knew we should have done better in service in the past.

    Sorry, i can not speak German language. And my english is not that good. Apologize for the inconvenience.

    We do have some new flashlights to release this month. Hope we can share some information and learn some from you.

    0kay, sidecar, Andi und 13 andere Flashys haben sich hierfür bedankt.
  2. casi290665

    casi290665 Flashaholic**

    zum ThruNite-Shop
    Welcome Dale !

    Its great to have Haikelite on board. :thumbup:

    I`m a big HL-fan and own a lot of your torches. Couldn`t wait to get more infos about the new MT09R...

  3. HaikeLite

    HaikeLite Hersteller

    hi carsten

    thanks for your kind words.. We are working on the testing and specs.. MT09R will be ready for sale soon.

  4. Ulrich

    Ulrich Flashaholic*

    Welcome in our forum Dale,

    we always appreciate a member of the manufacturer to get the latest news and also to give a certain feedback.

    Regards Ulrich
  5. placebo

    placebo Flashaholic**

    helo dale welcome on our forum!

    i don't know you flashlights because i am ignorant and don't watch flashlight video reviews anymore

    but maybe you can give good price
  6. Paintball

    Paintball Flashaholic**

    Welcome Dale :klatschen:
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